Monday, May 27, 2013

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful and loyal readers.  Your support of Thirty Years of Silence is amazing and touching.  Through each and every one of you, you are bringing enlightenment and awareness to the tragic crime of incest and it's devastating effects on it's precious victims. 

By sharing my story, you may be saving someone from their own life of horror and helping them to find the courage to rise up and be a victim no more."

God bless each of you,


  1. "A message for all of you who have lived through the torment and devastation of sexual abuse. There are people who will judge you, shame you, and in their ignorance will question why you didn't just go tell someone-

    Please know...that they know, "Nothing"! They were not there to hold your hand or wipe your tears, or give you a big hug and tell you that everything is going to be alright. Their thoughts mean, "Nothing!"

    What "does" mean something is SO important. You have survived! You are far stronger than many of those who sit in judgment of you. For if they had gone through what you have been through, they may have certainly crumbled.

    I praise and have the utmost respect for each and every one of you. You do NOT own what happened to you! Stand strong! Hold your heads up high and know how very special and precious you are. God bless each of you...."

  2. "As the holidays approach another end and as we welcome a new beginning - a New Year filled with promise and hope, I want to wish each and every one of you a very safe and blessed year ahead filled with peace and happiness. I pray that those of you who have suffered in silence as a result of being injured through sexual abuse will find courage, strength, and to be able to look ahead, to seek the help you are so deserving of, to see the beauty in your spirit and know that you are so precious...God bless you...."

  3. Hello Elise,
    I am in the process of reading your story now on Kindle & I thank you so very much for your courage to undertake this story And thank you for your transparency about all your feelings & thoughts as you were processing your journey thru the maze of both happy & esp. the bad times. God bless you w/ His love always! Donna

  4. Elise, would you consider emailing me your contact address so I can share w/ you? My email address is Thanks!